Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Villages Quilt Show 2013 Part 2!

Here are more pictures from the quilt show!
I love these jewel tones!
So simple. yet looks awesome!
I really loved this quilt. I like the colors.
and the quilting
This quilt has an interesting story behind it.....It was up on the stage in the antique quilts display. I am not sure if you can tell from the pic but it is all cross-stitched and then made into a quilt. This was made by a man. He was an alcoholic and his sister told him he needed to keep his hands busy. She taught him how to cross-stitch and he made this top, then he learned how to quilt and made it into a quilt. Pretty neat, huh?
Here are more of the antique quilts displayed at the show:
Isn't this a neat apron!?!?!
 This was also an antique and I heard a woman talking about how it's a very rare piece. It was made as a sampler for a baby and back when this was done people didn't have quilts just for babies or cribs. It's a shame that it is damaged but must really be treasured by someone whose family it was handed down in.
 Back to the show.........
I saw the Stonehenge fabrics used quite a bit this year.

Stack N Whack! Lisa is going to make one if these this year.
I really like these scrappy stars
And I love these colors!

These doily fans have a great story :)
 Here it is:

AHHH! Snails tails made into kitty cats! :)
 We met Amy (Lisa's sister) and Abby (Lisa's niece) for lunch at Chik fil A...they came back to the quilt show with us to see all the quilts!
 Abby was SO funny! She kept asking if she could touch the quilts! LOL.
I LOVED this Bargello quilt! WOW!!
Abby was enjoying pointing things out on the i-spy quilt!!
this was REALLY pretty!
MY TREES!!!!!!!! I said to Lisa "Oh no! someone made it before me!" and her reply was "Well, yea, it's only been like 2 years since you got the pattern!" LOL. I NEED to do this one this year also!
 Aren't quilt shows SO inspiring!?
I liked this quilt. I would NEVER have been able to do that applique only on one side like that. It looks great and takes the quilt to the next level, IMO....but I would never have thought to do that! So neat!
 This quilt made me think of my hubby...not really sure why, probably because it's wilderness type stuff. But I REALLY liked this one a lot too.
This eskimo was my favorite block of the quilt.
 The elephant below is really interesting. It is 3 dimensional!
see? How cool is that!?!

This quilt was also really awesome! It has a story too!
 Here's the story!
And check out the backing! MAPS!!
I really loved this border!
these flowers were 3D also!
I hope you are enjoying all these pics! I should be able to fit the rest into one post! Stay tuned!!

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