Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas with each other!

We normally open gifts to one another on Christmas Eve...but this year we started a few days before Christmas and opened one or two each night....
Ronnie is our master gift guesser...but we knew there was NO way he could guess this one....

LOOK at that face! LOL. We got him the Go Pro camera to mount on the roll cage of his race car. HE WAS SHOCKED!
LMBO! I can count on ONE finger how many times I've seen him THAT shocked!

new dirt bike riding boots

I made Ronnie a fleece blanket....goes against everything in me not to cut it up and turn it into a quilt, but this is what he wanted!
 This next gift was HILARIOUS to watch him open! The box was HUGGGGEEE...

we shoved blankets and comforters inside it.
he's laughing at our shenanigans, lol.
TA DA! A huge candy cane filled with gumballs.
LMBO. He wasted no time....

Kyle got a fleece blanket too! Star Wars.

This styrofoam cooler was also shoved in the box with Ronnie's gumballs. Once it was out, Pippi couldn't resist. :)
a whole series of books! Kyle is such a reader!

Drum roll please...I also made Ky a Star Wars quilt! YAYYY!
more riding gear

And Ronnie got a Miami Dolphins Bobblehead, lol.
I was spoiled ROTTEN and received the Accuquilt Go! OMGosh! Yippee!


Denise in PA said...

Love that look on Ronnie's face when he opened the camera - I love when presents elicit that kind of surprise! Kyle is so cute! How are you liking the Accuquilt Go? What an awesome gift!

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us! o:)

Lisa said...

Awwww, your welcome! I am LOVVINGGG the Accuquilt Go! I wish I had more dies though....eventually, I will =)