Monday, January 21, 2013

Bee Keeping 101, Homeschool Adventure

So I am really behind on some of my blogging from the last few months of 2012...therefore, some of my posts are going to be super out of order....Oh well, better late than never, right?? =)

Kyle and I headed out to the Central Florida Zoo in October for a workshop titled "Bee Keeping 101"
 They had a really cool observation area in the Education building. Spiders and hissing cockroaches and all that-ICK!
 We ran into another family from our homeschool group there! Kyle and Zach hit it off and had a BLAST together!
First, the bee keeper at the zoo spoke to us about the importance of the honey bee, the various diseases, etc that they are battling, their life cycle and how they communicate and so much more. He also answered lots of questions.
 Then we went out to see the observation hive. This thing is CRAZY...bees come and go from it but you can watch EVERYTHING that happens inside a hive! We saw the wiggle dance many times, where the bee was communicating the exact location of the pollen. SO SUPER AMAZING!
 Kyle is pretty wimpy about I knew this would be a challenge for him. He did NOT want to come to this workshop once he hear we would be near live bees, lol.
 But, as oftentimes is the case, once he better understood their way of life, he was much less scared about them.
 Our next stop was the butterfly garden. They had BEAUTIFUL flowers!

Kyle was pretending to be a bee...see his "wings" lol.

 And FINALLY....the bee hive!!!
 We all had to get suited up...
I didn't admit it but I was a tad bit nervous myself...

we made it!! lol
Heading back to the education building, they took us by some exhibits!
 When we got back, they had some tools, books, etc out for you to look at....
 And, Kyle happened to randomly find a fake orangutang to pose with, lol =)
We had a WONDERFUL time and learned SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! This same workshop is being offered again in March...on a Saturday and we plan on attending with Ronnie!

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