Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project Organization 2013!

Since joining in with Lisa's Quilt Garden, I have been working towards organizing my home!
She has some GREAT ideas and lots of them! While I haven't had a chance to dig into her ideas yet, I did begin some small things around my home:

I bought a pot lid holder from Walmart (about $5) and used it to organize my Accuquilt GO! dies! MUCH cheaper than the one offered by Accuquilt!
Isn't that GREAT!?

Another idea I read about and implemented right away was with my sheet sets.
You take your flat sheet, fitted sheet and all but on pillowcase and fold them together. Then you place all of that into the remaining pillowcase! Your sheets stay together and it makes a nice and neat way to organize your linen closet!

And one more...and I LOVE this one....A shoe organizer from Walmart....turned yarn holder!
THIS IS A HUGE DEAL because my yarn was taking up a good third of my closet! Doesn't it look great!??!

Stay tuned for more pics and ideas! I will try to do some before and after pics moving forward!