Monday, January 21, 2013

Project Organization 2013! Sewing Room, part 1!

I've JUST begun organizing the sewing room. I still have a LONG way to go but I got a bunch of baskets and bins from the dollar store and was able to get started.

I began by putting each project in its own little basket or bin.....well, each project that had been shoved somewhere out in the open or stacked....(this does, of course, not include the projects hidden away in drawers or hung in the closet :O))

on the table, behind the sewing machine....the one in the middle is stacked three-deep, but they all have their own bin!
more projects
and some more
I may have shown you these already:
And here is my little cart. I try to keep my "tools" that aren't used on a regular basis in this thing:
Except for the turquoise basket on the bottom, right, I had all these on my shelves doesn't look very neat but, trust me, it's in much better shape than it was before I started this project.
wanna know a "not so secret" secret? All of my cat fabric is in the bag!)

 My other shelves look AMAZING compared to how they did! I forgot to take a before picture...sorry! But it was piled up and everything was just smashed in it is now though:
Isn't it lovely?!!?!

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just-b-healthy said...

It looks great. And yes, you should have taken a "before" picture to compare with. I just re-did my sewing space also. I had to get everything out of my dining room. Luckily, hubby and boys got me a super sewing table with inset space for my Janome. I love being more organized.