Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012 part 1, Mom and John

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We really focused on giving!

We were able to visit each little branch of our families and enjoy time with them all! It was so great!

We began our Christmas rounds on Dec 22nd. We went to my Mom and John's to do Christmas with them and Johnny and Amanda......but....Johnny had a cold and Amanda's doctor advised against her driving so far from her hospital b/c she was coming along in her pre-labor! So...it ended up being just us and the rents :)

We had a feast of food!

 And we opened presents!

 This is one of the ornaments that Kyle made this year :)

 We had a photo book made for Mom and John of our time with them in North Carolina.

 Johnny, Amanda, me and Ronnie went in together and purchased an outdoor family photo session for them for Christmas!We will do it in January, once Macy Jeanne is here!

 Then it was our turn to open................

Nana made this reindeer ornament for Ky :)
CRAZY remote controlled vehicle.

Ronnie got two really nice shirts!

Gift Card!

and a fun skirt!!
We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with Mom and John!

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