Sunday, January 13, 2013

Process Pledge Post

This week I have REALLY been focusing on the Valentine's Day Wall Hanging Quilt for the class that I am teaching at the end of this month. My sewing room is in disarray! is the epitome of works in progress..........

I had to alter the measurements for all but one of the blocks. I was happy with them all except for the bottom right-hand one. I decided that between the problem with the measurements and the fact that it was the only one on an angle (therefore messing with my OCD), it had to go!
(I'll stick it onto the backing)

So....I made this one instead:

After figuring out the placement, I added sashing and a border (sorry for the crummy pic below...for some reason I only had this one on my phone):
I also took a pic with a dark red pinned in place for the sashing and border to show my class a different option. I chose to use the same fabric as the background fabric in my blocks, but the possibilities are ENDLESS!

One last WIP....this is for the orphanage in Mexico...
I just threw it together and stuck it on the design wall....Kind of weird, isn't it??
I am going to sew it together as a "leaders and enders" project!

So...what are you working on? Share your progress!

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