Sunday, January 20, 2013

This week...

We have a super busy week this week. The third week of the month is always my busiest because I have a CE committee meeting on that Tuesday and then a Council meeting that Thursday.

 But...we still managed to get in swim team everyday, craft club and piano on Monday, scouts on Tuesday, church on Wed, science club on Thurs. and park day on Friday! Phew!

The big project this week for Ronnie was our gate...our old gate was dilapidated and Ronnie completed this frame last weekend and bought all the supplies to build the gate and front fence on that side of the house:
 My Dad came over Saturday to help Ronnie get this task completed.

By the time noon rolled around this was my front yard:

You know my Mt. Dora-ish neighbors loved that, lol.
They worked diligently and were able to complete the main part....there is just some adjusting left to do.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! SUCH an improvement from the old fence! And now we can fit like 5 vehicles on THAT side of the 2 more in the I can finally fence my front yard!

While the men were working, Kyle took it upon himself to work also! I LOVE THAT!
And my Dad even cut me the piece of plywood I need for the surprise I've been trying to make since Christmas for Ronnie and Kyle!
That made me happy!
I am saving this old fence and scouring Pinterest for GREAT and WONDERFUL ways to repurpose it!

Here are a few other random things that made me smile this week:
My neighbors across the street painted their garage this AWESOME color! I love it!
the ducks kept poking their heads through the fence to see what was going on with everyone being in the front yard, lol.
I found these in the trash (not this week, a couple weeks ago, but still making me smile!)
I found this at the thrift store for $2! Ronnie has been wanting me to get one of those expensive like rubber cushy mats for my sewing room! This was a total score! And it's almost the length of my quilting frame! PERFECT!
Patches approves too, lol.

I hope everyone's had an AWESOME week also!

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