Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012, part 2...The Scarberry's.

We went down to Mark and Michelle's to celebrate Christmas and open gifts with the nieces and nephews down there....They have 5 kids, so it is def fun watching them receive gifts!

Jimmy and Georgia went a little overboard this year on all the kiddos :)

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mark got this Nerf gun for Kyle....oh boy....
We had an absolute blast...the entire tornado lasted about 30 minutes, tops, lol. I LOVED it! Watching children open gifts and get excited for what they received is one of my favorite things to do! What a blessing that we had Mark and Michelle here in Florida this year.

Angie was in Rhode Island, so we missed having her here...but her presents were ready for her when she got back home :)

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Michelle Scarcberry said...

You guys made our first christmas in florida one to remember. Im just glad that I could celebrate it with family