Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Villages Quilt Show 2013 Part 1!

Friday was the quilt show up in the Villages. It seemed much smaller than the previous two years...on both the show part and the vendors part. Strange.

But Lisa and I still got to see LOTS of great quilts!!
I also got to meet a fellow homeschool mom, race wife, healthy eater, quilter! Lisa G. (YESS!! ANOTHER LISA! AHHH!! lol)

My dear friend, Regina came to the show but left right was SUPERDEEDUPER crowded.

Now for the eye candy! (I'll have to break this up into multiple posts because there are SEW many pics!)
this was one of the "challenge fabric" "quilts". It is more like a 3D fabric art than a quilt but it was very creative and interesting.
A quilt representing "The Villages".
  And then we entered the Show Hall:
these pretty lil flowers were hand appliqued on.
I thought it was neat how there was the strip of light background fabric diagonally across

OK, this is a BIG DEAL....Lisa and I bought the book to do this quilt about 2 years ago and have not yet done it! We saw 3!!! quilts of this pattern (The Underground Railroad) at this show! So...we are now planning on doing it this year!
I love this label too!!
pretty, pretty Christmas quilt!
 Here are some close-ups of the hand embroidered accents on it!

Check out the detailed quilting too!
 Isn't that a fun Christmas quilt!??!
All I can say is WOW! And I love the story below...

See!!!???? Underground Railroad #2!
There is a TON of quilting on this!

The yellow leaves on this are raw edged and stitched just down the center, so the edges lift and the wheat in the center is yarn! SO neat!
I love all the yo-yos they used to make this! Especially the kitty cat.
This quilt is all about cherries. I read about it on the card attached. What's really neat about this one is that those are actually log cabin blocks! Yes, for real! It's all in the way they laid it out!
 Love love love McKenna Ryan....seeing the quilt below reminded me of the one I started a couple years back...the Ocean Animals one! I had forgotten about it, lol. Lisa wants to do the one below....It is SOOOOO pretty!
 Some up-close pics of the blocks....

I LOVE how these log cabin blocks make the pattern too!

LOTS of 9 patches!
 The quilt below was the most impressive one there....UN-BELIEVABLE!
 Look at that detail! UNREAL!
 I love how the inside of the flying geese is quilted differently than the background portion of the flying geese.

 And I'll wrap this post up with Underground Railroad quilt # 3!
Lisa saying, yep...let's do it!

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Dee said...

You mentioned it was a smaller show, but there were a lot of beautiful quilts! I really liked the hexagon quilt, although I think it would take the patience of job to make it. I also like the Sue Garman one. Beautiful quilting on it. Looks like you had fun!