Monday, January 28, 2013

The Villages Quilt Show Part 3!

And here are the rest of the pictures from The Villages Quilt Show!    Enjoy  :)

This quilt was really neat :) Not your typical sunbonnet sue quilt!
 Here are some close ups....
 I took the picture of the quilt below because it is Judy Hansen's fabric line. She is the owner of the Quilt Shop if Deland....
I thought this quilt was amazing!

this is the second one of these that I must be this past year's cat BOM
HAHA, love it! This was one of the end caps on the display poles
Tube quilting! This is the same technique I used in my 1930's reproduction prints quilt
another end cap :)
 Check out these flamingos!! I love the hanging pearls and dangling feet!
See the flowers?! :)
these were also sticking out from the quilt
attic windows!
this one had dangly parts too! See below!
 Then I headed over to the vendors...............ewwww....ahhhh...
had to get a shot of those fruit and veggie cats! They keep adding news ones!
Another yo-yo quilt! The bunny's tail is adorable!
I've never seen this one before! BIG yo-yos!
I've also not ever seen this quilt before! CUTE!

Lisa was exploring the shop that had LOTS of machine embroidery stuff!
Abby found something to play with! lol
This was in the Quilt Shop of Deland's booth. I LOVVVVE the VW bug!
 Abby rode back to Lisa's car with us! She decided to go home with "Seesa" and "Nother Seesa" lol. She was a HOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed all these pics! This coming Friday I have another quilt show to attend and it is my FAVORITE one! It only happens every other year! I've only been to it ONCE! I CAN'T WAIT!

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Dee said...

I'm glad you showed the cat quilts! I forgot I have the patterns. I actually might even have the kits. I have to go take a look! By the way, where was this quilt show at?