Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2nd, 2013

2013, Day 2:
Well, today Ronnie is back at work =(  We have so enjoyed having him home!

We had our first family meeting of 2013 last night. Family goals were decided, our motto in our household was discussed and we are back on track with the Accountable Kids system and our practice of intentional family time together.
We also added our very first strip of paper to our blessing jar!

This week our family activity will be going to see a movie on Friday night.
I don't yet know what we are going to see.

Kyle and I started reading "The Hobbit" together this week as well. We want to see the movie but not before reading the book! SO far, I am glad this isn't just a novel he picked up to read. It is a bit difficult to follow. The way it's written is with LONG run-on sentences. Random rabbit hole bits and pieces and then swinging back around to the original thought. All in one sentence. I've had to stop a couple of times and explain what they are talking about, lol......"goodmorninged" etc.

I love reading with my child. I think it is SO important, no matter what age he is! We are also reading The Little House in the Big Woods (still, lol) together.

Speaking of reading....most of you know that Kyle and I are BIG readers...Currently I am reading 4 books (2 reading and 2 audio) and Kyle is reading 3 books, plus the ones we are doing together. We both enjoy reading series! I love sharing this hobby with my son.

We began reading our Family Bible together again as well! It is such a rich blessing to read and study God's word with my two favorite people in the world! The Lord is SO faithful and so good! It blesses my soul to walk in and find my husband listening to the Bible on audio as he falls asleep at night. He has become such a spiritual leader in our little family.

In my sewing room:
I am trying to force myself to finish up a quilt for my Dad that I did not complete in time for Christmas. This way I will have it ready for next year! I want it off of my design wall, but not before completing the borders.

I want to finish these last couple of things so that I can put away the Christmas fabric and start planning my Valentine's Day sewing class! I want to get started next week so that everyone can be done by the end of January. Then it can be hung for a full two weeks before V-day!

I have had a large interest in my sewing classes! I've begun a FB group and a blog for my fellow local sewers/quilters. Lisa's Quilt Circle...isn't that cute! I am planning two classes in January. A beginners class and a Valentine's wall hanging quilt class. We need to get started right away, as the ones interested in the beginner's class want to do the V day one as well! I want to have the V-day completed by the end of January so that it can hang for 2 weeks before the holiday. The interest expressed in my classes is great! We will see how many commit :)

Kyle starts piano lessons this month! Can you believe it! He is getting so big. He truly amazes me. When you give a child the world as a blank canvas and allow them to paint their own would be amazed at what they can accomplish. He truly enjoys all that he does. And this allows for his hobbies to be wonderful experiences instead of a busy, hustle and bustle, stressful, just one more thing to do type of an atmosphere.(Although that does happen from time to time too!!)

Between church, scouts, swim, piano and life....we are a very busy family. But we are enjoying our journey!

I hope you all are enjoying the freshness of the new year as well! Focus on all the blessings in your life and let the "junk" go.  Life is just TOO SHORT!

God Bless!


Cristy said...

Too much FB, I keep looking for the "like" button! Reading is a hobby I'm glad my kids share with me as well. You can go so many places and learn so much without ever leaving your couch, LOL.

Great blog!

Dees Days said...

I admire you. Great start to the new year. I love when you wrote "let the junk is too short" You are so right!