Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trip to North Carolina, Part 3! Triple Falls!

While in North Carolina we visited many waterfalls! I LOVE waterfalls! But, by far, my favorite was Triple Falls. This is where the Hunger Games was filmed.
My step brother had come here with Mom and John a couple of years before this, so it was bittersweet to hear the stories from when they were here.

Pictures truly cannot do justice to the majesty of these falls. They are awe-ing.

Once we parked, we had to hike A LONG WAY to get to the actual falls.

see? over a mile!
And it was FREEZING..............

SO PRETTY in the forest
Then we finally came to the board walk that goes down to the was LONG too.

 And FINALLY we were there!
 These falls are AMAZING....Kyle and I climbed way up them!

 It was a bit harry in a few spots but we made it! (I kept thinking to myself "if Ronnie was here he would have an absolute FIT...this would NOT be happening"!)
looking down to where we were! Can you see my Mom and John way over there? Those teeny tiny people?
 Here's what the falls sounded like from up there! This doesn't even come close to doing it actual was deafening!

Looking up from where we were...this is the very top fall. John was telling me that when Joshy was there with them, it was all iced over and they climbed all the way up THERE!

looking back down
 Time to head back down!
 Coming back down was MUCH more difficult than going up was.

 My pics have only shown you the top two is a video in which I panned from the lowest fall all the way across. BEAUTIFUL.

We weren't done yet though! As we headed back up the boardwalk, instead of going back on the trail that would take us to the car, we took a right and headed a bit downstream to play! 
It was really in another post!

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