Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I've been up to...Part 1! Quilting!!!!!!!!

One of my main goals, now that Kyle is in public school, is to get back to blogging on a consistent basis. I LOVE blogging and have really missed it! We have been SOOOOOOOOOOOO busy with school and sports and church and, well, just life. Loving our Life is the title of my blog and we are doing JUST that. It's great! But I also love sharing it with all my family & friends!! So, here we go....what I've been up to....part 1: Quilting.

This year my quilting goals are to complete UFO's (unfinished objects). I also want to use up all my scrap started a couple of "scrap buster" quilts.

Here is the first one. The centers are all the same and the rest is totally scrappy. I tried to keep the strips the same color for each "L" shape...but other than that there is no rhyme or reason to the size or fabric choice.
The quilt top is all sewn I just need to add some borders and VOILA! the top will be finished.

and....this is the beginning to another scrap-buster quilt top. This one has the same center squares but the colors, sizes or fabrics have absolutely NO rhyme or reason.

I made this rag-top flannel quilt....also using only SCRAPS! It's great! I used just about all my flannel up on this one.

I made this baby quilt for a miracle baby! I won't say who it's for because I don't want to spoil the surprise, even though I think they have a good idea who it is ;) Some of this fabric was from one of the very first quilts that I ever made!
 I finished quilting it and just need to put on the binding...then it'll be on it's way to it's new owner!
I backed it in a VERY soft flannel!

Lisa and I have continued working on our Spring Applique quilt! We are almost DONE!
I have half of them hanging on one hanger...the ones I've already stitched down....and the other half (not yet stitched down) on another hanger....

Nancy and Eddie moved to Florida and are actually right down the road from us! Nancy and I have sewn together quite a bit lately is the most recent quilt she is working on!

My bestie, Lisa, spent a month in Mexico and did a lot of work with an orphanage there. She has set a goal to provide each child there with a quilt this year! You can read about it HERE! This is the fabric I chose to use to make her a quilt to send there! (She is also accepting quilt block donation/fabric donations, etc. to help her reach her goal!)
Isn't it a FUN fabric for MEXICO!?!!

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Lisa said...

It is amazing how much that you have gotten done. I love your scrap quilts. I love all things scrappy. Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging! You were missed!