Monday, April 30, 2012

Quilting Cram!

QUILTING CRAM=cramming in as much time to sew as possible (while I should be packing) right before going out of town for the weekend.

Lisa and I sewed together Thursday day & Friday afternoon into the night.

Thursday we sewed at my house b/c I had SO many people at my house doing different yard looked like redneckville in Mt. Dora:
5 vehicles! lol.
But we had a good time...and my carpet got cleaned and my cable got fixed and Mark worked on his tire and Lisa & I sewed! :))

I finished the outside part of the sashing on this 30's prints quilt. I had done the tube quilting to make it. The tutorial is found on the Missouri Start Quilt Company site HERE!
 I LOVE it when I am putting on a border and it finishes with just a tad left over!!
This was all that was  left when I finished sewing that border on :)
I added a border of Muslin and then a scrappy border to it.

I thought about adding another muslin border and the stripe border too (seen on the right hand side),but the quilt really had a "finished" look after the scrappy border I had out on it.
So this is the finished quilt top.
Lisa worked on the last 2 blocks for our Spring Applique quilt! It's so exciting to be almost finished!
Then on Friday, we sewed at her house! I pulled Kyle out of school early Friday so that I could go over and sew without having to break to get him at 3:00. I had his teacher send the rest of his schoolwork home with him (to his great annoyance) and had a homeschool flashback:
SOOOOOOOOO cute! I miss homeschooling!

This is Lisa's sewing room after she re-arranged it! You can read more about her quilty space HERE!

This is one of the quilts she is making for her Quilted Hugs project for the orphanage in Mexico. You can see more about that on her blog...maybe even consider donating a quilt or a top or some orphan blocks!

This is Jackson's "throne" in Lisa's sewing room! SO CUTE!

I finally added the binding on this baby quilt....for the miracle baby!  The label is below so if his Momma reads my blog, she'll know it's coming!
Rylan Ryder Hern! Ronnie's cousin Whitney's miracle baby!!
sewing with her new STEAM IRON!

besties! <3

This is my first row down on this quilt! SO EXCITING!

row 1, done!

Lisa working on the quilt below for her Quilted Hugs project!
Isn't it GREAT! I love the blues in it!
Here I am after sewing down the length of it twice! It's whipping together in no time!

She's coming along too!

Almost done!
Ta DA!!! 

This quilt WHIPPED together in record time! I am definitely going to do another and would HIGHLY recommend it!

It was a great two days of sewing and we got SEW much done!!


Marksr1975 said...

Hey lisa thanks for putting in your blog and I am always willing to make my contribution to redneckville in mt. Dora, lol

Anonymous said...

Anut Lisa,
I just seen this and it made me cry, yes Rylan is truly my mircle baby and thank you so much for his awesome quilt. i had no idea it was coming!! Love yall Lots Whitney and Rylan.