Monday, April 16, 2012

The last couple of days...

Journaling....I am currently working on a project of printing my blog into hard cover, full color books. I got the idea from Country Log Cabin's blog. As I've been reading back through my 2007 & 2008 blog posts, I've noticed that I did a LOT more daily journaling back then. Everyday life type of stuff. What I made for dinner. What Kyle learned that day. How we spent our evenings....I haven't done that for years, it seems, and I really miss it-those daily snips and snapshots into our life. I am going to make more of an effort, as I dive back into consistent blogging, to do more daily journaling, not just project updates :)
 Well, there's no time like the present......

 This weekend was pretty busy, starting with Friday night...Kyle had his first basketball game with the Y on Friday night. He was thrilled to be able to play for another 8 weeks! A few weeks ago, the City Rec department finished up their season and Kyle thought he would have to wait until next year to be on a team again. So when we saw that the Y was signing up, it was PERFECT! His game Friday night was GREAT!! This coach is such as COACH....Kyle will come a long way in his skills and physical fitness over these next 8 weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

At church on Saturday morning, we had our state office come in for a 3 hour meeting. It was really great. I am SO excited for the things that the Lord is bringing our way. He is doing an amazing work in our church life!

Saturday night I could not sleep. I FINALLY fell asleep at around 3:30AM...then had to be up at 7am for church. I even missed the Sunday night Contemporary service in the hopes of getting some sleep after Sunday morning services....but I didn't nap! I layed there, but did not fall asleep. I could say that I don't know why...but that wouldn't be true! The truth of the matter is that I am totally and completely hooked on "One Tree Hill". I know most everyone else watched it years ago but I never did and am now watching it on Netflix...episode after episode, season after season...with NO commercials! I love that!. I am not a TV watcher by nature, so this is odd for me. It has made me think though......have you ever thought about how strange it is that we can so completely dedicate ourselves to something, like a book or tv show or a game or a hobby (ehh hemm, quilting). I mean, imagine if we applied that same faithful dedication and commitment to our relationship with our Savior. Wow....what a walk that would be. Lost priority given to the Why is it I can lose sleep to watch a series I'm really into? Or get up and get dressed and out of the house at ANY time of the day  (we all know I really mean morning) for a quilt show? But my dedication and consistency with reading my bible and doing devotions is always a struggle to maintain as a priority....WHY? I wish it wasn't so. Hmmm. Makes ya think.

Today is is also FCAT day in the wonderful world of public school. I was at the school proctoring FCAT with a third grade class today. It was quite interesting. It was also sad. One student did not get enough sleep last night and literally could NOT keep her head up. She kept nodding off and eventually just fell asleep. She woke up long enough to Christmas tree her exam. :(( I breaks my heart...parents, don't you see your child needs sleep to succeed??!

After FCAT, I came home for a bit and then went back to the school to eat lunch with Kyle. He was siked and surprised to see me there. We talked while he ate and then went over to check out the school's hydroponics vertical gardens. SO cool! I totally need some of those in my yard!!

After I picked Kyle up from school we went to the Y to play basketball. I didn't do bad for not having played in SOOOOOOOOO many years! Kyle fouled the heck out of me and I cheated a bunch :) but we had lots of fun and laughed our heads off!

I'll sign off for now............Lisa seems so weird to me to blog without posting ANY pics!

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Lisa said...

Its good to see you getting back into something that you enjoy. I am using Blog2Print to print out my blogs by the year. I am hoping that they will have a mothers day coupon so that I can save a little $$!