Monday, April 30, 2012

Beautiful Weather Last Week!

Last Tuesday and Wednesday we had absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather. The high was in the 70's! A rare treat for April in Florida!
I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Mark and Michelle spent the day with us on Ronnie's day off. After SO many years apart it is REALLY nice to have them so close!

pondering how best to move the plant to the center of the pond.

a rope! they decided.
Michelle checking out the neighbors "jungle". She loves plants.
Ronnie had to ride on his new toy :)
my snapdragons!
if you click this one you can see the cool!

this is the sky! BLUE and not a cloud in the sky
our big oak

 Even our pets enjoyed the weather!

he had to tinker a bit with the racecar :)

mark playing Hide N Go Seek! (LOL)
Cracking up at something Ronnie was doing...probably torturing the cats.

It was a great day filled with great family and great weather!

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