Monday, April 23, 2012

Family fun!

I know I have already posted about my week this past week, but I never got around to blogging about the previous week.
Ronnie's oldest brother, Mark, and his family moved down from South Carolina about a month or so ago. They have 5 children! So now I have a whole gaggle of nieces and nephews to enjoy! Each morning Mark & Michelle come over with Aaliyah & little Mark before school. So Kyle gets to play with them for about 30 minutes each and every morning. (You should see how much easier it is to get him ready for school when he knows that if he is ready he can play :))
These pics are on a Thursday morning (week before last, 4/12)


there's the smile :)
Then on Friday I went over to see my Ahma. She was going to be moved into an assisted living home the following Wednesday (which was this past week) and I wanted to be sure and see her first. I got some pics of her and her dog, Little-Bit.

love my Ahma :)
Then Friday night, Kyle had his first basketball game on his new team, the Spurs. He just started playing for the Y. He was so thrilled that they had a season after the City's season ended.
My Dad and Chris came out to watch Kyle play :)

I love that the Y does a prayer before the game!
After the game the men had to try and play. it was hilarious!

Here's a video I took of the 4 of them trying to play, LOL! I was cracking up!

After the Y, we came home and Ronnie, Kyle & Dad watched the Nationwide Series race. I was exhausted and went to bed...but not before snapping a pic of my three favorite guys in all the world!

Saturday night we had Eddie & Nancy over and had a great time! Nancy and I sewed, Eddie & Ronnie watched the race (it was a Sat night race) and the kids played!


Hayleigh & Linus




Eddie kept hiding from the camera....soooo, this is the best pic I could get!

everyone was chillin' out :)

Nancy working on her quilt!

she was adding the sashing

ta da! horizontal sashing she just has to do the vertical strips!
"don't take my chair!"
As you can see, that weekend was very busy, but lots of fun! I am so thankful that we have so many family members so close by now! I LOVE IT!

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