Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I've been up to...Part 2! the yard!

So outside of the sewing room we have been busy with lots of other things.
We bought our home in January of this year and have since been working on our lawn and landscaping. We are doing things slowly, but surely ;) I have really enjoyed the process. We are almost done with the front bed and here are some pictures of it.
front bed

hanging basket I put together from clearance plants!

butterfly & bumblebee attractants
close-up. Isn't it pretty!

Gardenia. These have always been a favorite of my dad's and they ALWAYS make me think of him.


double knock-out roses

love this climbing plant!
 That's it from the front...............Here's what we've done in the back!
Zoysia!! We had sod laid in February and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!

the pond....and the fence that Ronnie built for me to hide "his" area ;)
hanging baskets...

one of my ducks ;)

the plant that my bestie, Lisa gave me!

duck eggs! I only use them for baking, but it's still nice to have them.
back porch plants

Patches playing on the back porch

Ronnie's side of the fence ;) His new mini-mod race car.
So...there's what we've been up to in the yard!

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