Monday, April 23, 2012

I started a new quilt! (and other pics) :)

Using this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company, I started a new quilt this weekend! It's called Jelly Roll Race. I am SEW exciting about this! I had two mini-rolls....jelly roll strips but not an entire jelly roll...that I put together to create a full jelly roll! I LOVE these bright blues and greens and cannot wait to see the finished top!

We went to Eddie & Nancy's to watch the UFC fight on Saturday night and while the under card fights were on I sewed these strips together! It went really quickly!!

While I was working on that, Nancy was squaring up the blocks for this quilt...

I love the colors in her blocks!

While we were sewing, the guys were watching UFC:

And the kids were having a blast playing!

Some of Hayleigh's horse collection! She loves her horses!!
Hayleigh was hilarious! She put the boxing gloves on her feet and they looked like clown shoes! LMBO!

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