Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fabric Sale Purchases!

In an earlier post I mentioned a fabric sale that a local church had. A woman passed away and had more fabric, patterns, books, etc. than some quilt shops! They were selling her stash to help her husband cover the cost of her memorial. It took the ladies of the church's quilting group over 3 months to organize all of her things for the sale!  I am VERY excited about my purchases! You can see some really fun pictures of the actual fabric sale here.
Here's my goods!
I bought 7 different panels...although some have multiples, so I really got 10 or 11 for the price of 7!
cat panels!
too cute to pass up.
LOVE this panel! It's quilty.
There are actually 4 of these panels! YES!!
LOVE this! "Stash Management" panel!
close ups...check out these hilarious cartoons!

I also purchased 22 fat quarters! They were only 50 cents each!! These are $250-$3.00 in a quilt shop!
I LOVE fat quarters!!
I bought the 2 yards & up pieces for quilt backings. The one that is 1 yard actually correlates with some fabric I already had at home.

I found this great bag of 2 1/2" strips! over 150 strips for $5!! UN REAL!

I also found these blocks, already pieced...and then found the same fabric in the yardage rolls! I'll whip these together into a quilt in no time!

 And these blocks are all ready to be sewn together into a sampler. I love the  "feel" of the colors in these!

And last but not least....I got three books and two patterns! $2/book $1/pattern! Can you believe those prices!??!

I'll end this post with a pic of Jacob...when I walked in the room, this is what I found :)
Makes me smile!

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