Sunday, May 31, 2009

Projects in progress

My Mom has asked me to make her a here it is....just awaiting straps!

I think I am going to use some adorable, thick ribbon for the straps--what do you think?
Here is a HUGE bag I am working on for myself!
Made from some of Debbie Mumm's fantastic fabric.

Here is the fabric I chose for a rag-top fleece quilt. I bought this fabric last October and am only now starting on it.

The green and cream fabric in this pic is the backing fabric:
Nancy is on the last step of her quilt! She is binding it as we are some pics!

Isn't it great! This is her very first quilt! She did a GREAT job :)

Here is the block I received for the Cafe Mom round robin...this block was made by Squirrell and is an appliqued dresden plate...the center medallion is some fabric her grandmother gave her from the 50' job is to add a complimentary border...I think this one has to be three inches each side...any ideas???

Here is the block I made to send out....
Here is my Cherry Spinners quilt! THE TOP IS DONE! :0) (The pics def do not do this quilt top's hard to see the actual colors in the focus fabric from these pics...

We're breaking Jacob in at a young
Here are some pics of our husband's current
Here's my hubby
Here's Nancy's husband, my husband's brother


Crystal said...

WOW Lisa all the quilts look great! I'm glad to see that you guys are doing well! I love you! And totally miss you! Give my handsome nephew a super big kiss! And please don't let him forget me! I'm totally crazy knowing you guys are on the other side of the country! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Joanna said...

What a lot of projects you are making!! I really like the purse for your Mom up the top of the post :)