Saturday, May 9, 2009

Field Trip to the Churchill County Museum

Yesterday we took the kids on a field trip to the Churchill County Museum. They had many exhibits and even a childrens discovery room where the kids could do hands on activities!
It was really fun and the children learned alot about the pioneers coming west and the many hardships that went along with that. We got to see real pieces of wagons and other artifacts from wagon trains that were found here in Nevada. And there were true diary entries from many different pioneers about ntheir daily travels. They learned numerous things about the Pioute Indians...such as their attire in the hot desert, how they made baskets, what their homes looked like, etc. Then they had exhibits from later time periods like the telegraph and telephone, steam roller, bank safes and what a typical home would look like throughout a few, more modern time periods...we weren't very interested in those, except for the first one which was a pioneer home. As most of you know we did a huge unit last year titled "Westward Ho!" and Kyle is wanting to do it again! Then we'll worry about moving on in time :) We really love the pioneer time period!!
We also learned about ALL kinds of rocks and gems...another thing we absolutely LOVE!

There was a quilt area too! I think I want to make this quilt.

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