Thursday, May 28, 2009

My cats...

My Hershy went missing about a month ago...and Trouble went missing about a week ago. No sign of them, no nothing-just GONE. We just found out that another cat is missing also. Everyone is saying that there must be a coyote in the area that is snagging them. My heart has been broken over this!
While I am still very hurt over losing my two babies...I do have a slice-or chunk, I should say-of sunshine breaking through.
Yesterday I got a kitten! He reminds me SO much of Trouble in his color and markings. He is VERY social and is not a bit afraid of our other pets! He's very playful and super, super sweet. Here are some pics...

While Hershy and Trouble were mousers...this lil' guy will have to be a strictly indoor cat :(

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