Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eye Candy!

So I have decided on my next's called Cherry Spinners from Evelyn Sloppy's book: 40 Fabulous Quick-cut Quilts.

I went yesterday and got all the fabric I need for the top. I really liked the color choices in the book so I tried to stay very close to them:
Here is some of it after I cut it. I have finished cutting everything I need to make this beautiful quilt!

And here is where I started to make my pinwheels:
I also wanted to show you some fabric I got for my dear friend, Lisa:
And here is the fat quarters that the children got me for Mother's Day...I got the animal one from my son, Kyle, the yellow one with the bold colors from my nephew, Cody, and the pink one from my niece, Hayleigh...I LOVE THESE!
And here are some other fat quarters I picked up last week...these were on sale for a DOLLAR!
And....the best part....I got three new cat fabrics!!
FYI:Joann's has moved a bunch of their Debbie Mumm fabric to the red tag area!!!!!!! I was so thrilled!

The men have gone off to California to go gold panning and we are on a sewing mission! We were up sewing until almost 2 am last night and are getting ready to begin again! Nancy is almost done sewing her top together-then all she has to do is add the border. She has already purchased her batting and backing, so we are holding high hopes for a completed top today!

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Lisa said...

Wow! I love your new fabric!!
I really like the one for your Buddy Lisa (Haha)!!