Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My husband is crazy :)

So...we all knew this moment would come one of these days....Ronnie has finally...purchased a race car.
Him and Eddie will be racing starting next season. They realistically will miss this season b/c they won't race without a Hans Device. That costs around $650 so we won't be getting that for a couple of months, at least.
The car is completely ready to go...has a brand new engine, a muncy tranny and a full rollcage...and whatever else they have in is certified to race here in Nevada and in California. (California is only like 40 mins from our house). It took rookie of the year it's first year out and took 2nd in points it's second year out.
It is set up to race dirttrack and oval track. They have decided to start out racing on dirt.
Sighhhhh....pray for my gray hairs :)
I will post pics once it's delivered--in two days.

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