Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trip to North Carolina, Part 2! Connestee Falls & Looking Glass Falls.

The next morning we got up and had a busy agenda planned! Our first stop, as we headed down the mountain was at Connestee Falls!

This was a cute little wooden bridge that was there.
 My Mom and John have come to these falls every year for the past ten or so years. Until a year or two ago there was not a boardwalk that you had to stay on. It was a dirt path that you followed all the way down. The boardwalk stayed farther away from the falls, but it was still beautiful!
Joshy came with them to North Carolina a few years ago and they had memories from being here. Hearing those memories was awesome. :)

The really nice thing about Connestee Falls is that there was NO ONE else there! :)

Later we went to Looking Glass was SO much fun! We had a great time crawling around and climbing out on the rocks!
heading down to the Falls

 Even though it's sideways (does anyone know how to fix that!??) here is some video of Looking Glass Falls. I was trying to capture the sound for Ronnie!

 And here is a video of Kyle climbing out across a huge fallen tree to a rock. It's hard to tell how steep it is from the pics ;)

Papa had to stay up top because of his knee :( He got to see everything we did though :)

I climbed out there too

and so did Nana!

 It's so beautiful!!
We had to wait for almost 30 mins to get to this spot for a great pic! There was a LINE of people waiting to go out onto this specific rock to get a pic with the Falls directly behind them.

the climb back up ;)
  The falls were a really awesome experience. But....Triple Falls...where the Hunger Games were filmed are by far my favorite ones that we visited while there. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about our time at Triple Falls.

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