Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Florida Aquarium Homeschool Day! 2012

As most of you know, we will be homeschooling again! So, although last week was Kyle's final week at Triangle Elementary, he stayed home Wednesday to attend The Florida Aquarium's Annual Homeschool Day!
We have this picture for every year we've gone!
 And here are the stingrays!
 This picture below is the tank where you can touch...the water is FREEZING...I mean like as soon as you put your hand in it it goes numb and starts hurting.

Beaver...I have NEVER seen a beaver before.

Kyle thought that  is was so cool to see the legs on this crab!! You always see them from the top and not their legs :)

this fish is so cool. It totally looks like the sand until it moves! And it swims the opposite way of most fish!


I love these!!

 We went through the entire aquarium and then did the labs....

 Then we went through the aquarium again! Kyle wanted to read EVERYTHING the second time around. :o)
Beaver's tail! So neat.

 Then he went to play on the water playground!

 After we left the Aquarium....we headed over for a tour of the WWII ship SS American Victory! Look for that post coming soon!

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