Monday, October 22, 2012

OSC "Wonderful Water" Homeschool Science Day

We headed to the Orlando Science Center for one of their homeschool Science programs....titles "Wonderful Water"
 Our first segment was in the lab...there were 4 stations set up that we rotated through.

adaptations for water life
thick leaves vs thin leaves for water absorbency and which would be best in or around a body of water

and we had a visitor!

organisms in water and algae...viewed through the microscope.

PH testing...and which levels are ideal and liveable for frogs.

 Then we went into the exploration zone:

 Then to the wildlife area


the inner workings of a snail!

the boys found a roach...eww.

After the film on coral reefs we went back to the exploration area and played a game of life-size chess!
it was a lot of fun!

We had a WONDERFUL day at the Science Center. It was FILLED with interactive, hands-on learning and experiencing! We will DEFINITELY be signing up for another one of their Homeschool Science days!

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