Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trip to North Carolina, part 1!

Kyle and I drove up and spent a few days with Mom and John in Brevard, NC. It was a wonderful escape and beautiful to see the colors changing!
9.5 hours later, we finally made it!

the home where we stayed.

"Yay!, they're here!"

Coffee shop in downtown Brevard!
It's called "Quotations" :o) This was the very first place we went in to once we came down from the mountain!
 A view of downtown:
 This moose was on the corner in downtown :)
 Donna, the owner of this shop is also the owner of the cabin where we stayed!
White squirrels are ONLY found in Brevard, NC...out of the entire nation!

this was inside the shop :) cute.

this was HILARIOUS! Notice the name of the scent!!!

look at this massive dog!
 Then we crossed the street to O.P. Taylor's...all I can say is "OH MY!" It is like a kids DREAM toy shop!
 It's HUGE!! Multiple stories and room after room after room on each floor! It is stacked ceiling to floor, wall to wall with toys!

I thought this church was pretty! and oh so North Carolinian!

 Here are a couple pics of the white squirrels!!

Aren't they neat!??
 And, of all things, we had Chinese food for dinner! There was this AMAZING buffet that had EVERYTHING you can imagine! They had tons of sushi (Kyle LOVES sushi) and a place where you can choose your items, like Kiku's and they make it fresh, plus buffet after buffet after buffet of food ready to eat!

he wanted to try crawfish! lol.
 Then we had to go to Kmart b/c that's the only store in town and we needed gloves for hiking the following day. While we were there Kyle tried this hoodie on, LOL!
 Mattie came with my Mom and John! It was great to spend some time with her!
 Puzzle time before bed!
Stay tuned for a few more posts! We visited many water falls and a couple of forests while we were there! I took over 500 pics!


Lisa said...

So pretty! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Dees Days said...

WOW, looks like you had an awesome time!!! I have never seen a white squirrel before. I'm so glad you are able to make these memories w/Kyle. He will remember them always. How are John (and your mom) doing???