Monday, October 22, 2012

Kyle's first Swim Meet!

We have been SO busy doing so many different things lately! My posts are out of  date order, but I hope you enjoy them anyways :o)

Kyle has been involved in a competitive swim team since late he only had a handful of weeks under his belt hen his first swim meet happened. He did so great though and lots of us were there to cheer him on!

He had to be in the pool by 8:30 AM! He was super siked


 In between strokes he just hung around!
P-pa and Abuela were there cheering him!
And so was Uncle Kevin!!
We were so proud of him!
waiting for his heat

Breast stroke

He did an AMAZING job! He was ABSOLUTELY worn out though! Each of the 4 strokes he did were 50 meters and then the last thing he did was a 100 meter IM! 


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