Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SS American Victory WWII ship!

After the Florida Aquarium we headed over to tour the WWII ship SS American Victory.
It was SO neat!!
The three photos below are from left to right of the ship...when I got home and showed Ronnie he kindly (lol) reminded me that my camera has a panoramic view! :o)

let's climb aboard!
There was a museum inside!

Kyle was so shocked that there was not glass in front of those bullets, lol.

COAST GUARD!! sunk this German uboat!

strange and neat things!

spoons crusted together

this freaked Kyle out! lol. It was a dummy under the sheet

let's hit the deck!

check out that HUGE anchor!
I started to get claustrophobic! lol
Ronnie said these people must be important b/c he had 4 racks per wall on the USS Wasp!


yikes! This is a functioning ship! I hope they won't need this safety boat!


THESE are what Ronnie slept on! Only they had a thin mattress on them.

so cool

strange to see a wooden door on the ship

Captain's quarters

Chart room!
strange things in this room...but oh so cool!
What!?? That's it?!?

check out the storm that came while we were inside the ship!

I thought this was so weird...

emergency drinking water is different from drinking water???

Touring the Victory was an amazing and neat experience! I saw things that are so foreign to me!  I'm so glad that we had the chance to visit it.

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