Monday, December 15, 2008


We have been SO busy this last week. We have been working on NUMEROUS Christmas gifts (as most of you know, we buy almost NOTHING for gifts and make everything....not that it is really much cheaper, it's not...but it means so much more) and getting them wrapped. We finally shipped our clothes and presents to Nevada today...a 30 minute wait (a lot shorter than it looked like it would be) two 40 pound boxes and $80's on it's way! No checked luggage for us!! YAY!

Last Thursday Kyle and I went on a field trip with our homeschool group to see the play "A Christmas Story" at the Orlando Rep Theatre....IT WAS SO GOOD!! Wonderful, amazing...I cannot say enough good things about it. They did a fantastic job! I have a couple of pics but my camera was acting all the good ones are on Lisa's camera....I'll get those as soon as I can.

Saturday night we went up to Cottom Farm to see the decorations on the horse farm....beautiful. Then we walked around Light Up Lady Lake. Ronnie and Detto spent the night playing video games and saying "dude" as every other word (we counted once for a ten minute period of time and I think they said it 17 times!! What is it with men and that word??) and Lisa and I sewed our hearts out. The new setup she has now for a sewing area allows her to sew opposite of we both have our sewing machines going...before there was only really room for this is GREAT!
I can't put pics up on here b/c everything I am working on is Christmas gifts!!

Church was absolutely wonderful yesterday. God is so amazing and I never stop being overwhelmed by His grace and love. We are SO very blessed to serve God.

I'm late getting Christmas cards out...but they're coming!!!! I am mailing those out tomorrow.

Jimmy is planning on moving in here in the next couple of days. Praise God for that easy transition. I am so thankful that it worked out like it did. We are very happy about this :)

Ronnie's Mom is still in the hospital. She is able to move her head to say yes or no now though. I am doing a block swap for Valentine's Day and I think I will take the blocks I receive plus the ones I make and make her a lap quilt. The Lord must really have something for her b/c she should not still be alive after all she's been through. They gave her a less than 25% chance of surviving her surgery last week and she lived. So....time will tell.

Another craft day tomorrow at the Mongiovi's and then Wednesday I clean Patsy's house and Thursday I am going to help Ahma. Friday I help Mom finish her Christmas gift making...and Voila...Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....and then WE LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! :) It's been snowing up there so we are hoping we will have a white Christmas!!

Mattie is still enduring Mother Mom says she BETTER be done by the time we go away, lol. Linus and her have a grooming appointment on the 22nd..I truly hope she is done with this by then. After going through this heat with her, I don't think breeding her is such a good idea. I think we may just get her fixed. I don't know though. I am attaching a pic of her looking very pitiful, :).

Love to all,

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