Thursday, December 4, 2008

It smells WONDERFUL!

Last night we went and got our tree!! Yay! :) Unfortunately Kyle chose a 6-7 foot tree and it wouldn't fit in our house!!! Ronnie had to go cut a foot off of the bottom and we still have to snip the top stick thingy a couple of inches!! We wasted $5.00!! (That was the difference between this tree and a foot shorter one). smells amazing. I wasn't really feeling much in the Christmasy spirit lately and now I totally do.

We had an excellent day doing school yesterday. I am so surprised at how much Kyle has retained of what he's learned. Not that I don't expect him to....but for him learning all new things this year, doing a 2nd grade curriculum, I really felt like after having 2 1/2 weeks off that we would have to do more review than we have. Yesterday we classified sentences, identifying subject noun, verb, adverb & adjective and he had not forgotten it at all! He had his question and answer flow down to a T and just breezed right through the review. It really surprised me! I had to read the darn jingle again to remember the correct question and answer flow! jeez, lol.

I am trying to wrap up the first phase in my Christmas gift making. I need to get these in the mail and start fresh on the next set. I finished quilting the gift for my swap (that was my final step) and am going to get that sent out in the mail today...YAY!

Ronnie just got a huge order at work...over $100K in steel in one order, so his branch is looking a little more secure. At least for now, anyways.

Saturday is the Leesburg Christmas's at 6pm on Main St. in Leesburg and Kyle will be in it. The Cub Scouts have a float in the parade and Kyle will actually be in the float. So...if any of you would like to come, feel free to! It really is a very nice parade--we went to it last year and really enjoyed it.

Tonight we are decorating our tree.
Tomorrow we are having Jimmy, my Mom & John and Dr. Sweda over for dinner and poker. Or maybe we'll play Burn....haven't decided yet. Ronnie wants tacos (of all things with company over, LOL) so I'll make those and my Mom is going to bring black beans and rice. We are really looking forward to it.

My sis in law Nancy and and my niece and nephew will be heading back to Nevada Saturday. Eddie comes home the following week...and two weeks later...Jimmy, Ronnie, Kyle & I will be there!!!! :o) We are all doing homemade gifts this year, so I am REALLY excited about that!!

There is no new update on their Mom. She did have a seizure two days ago. They are going to try to wein her off of life support, but they are still only giving her less than 50% chance of living. Please pray for her.

Well, I guess I am off for now. I'm looking out my window and the clouds are pinkish b/c of the sun just coming up. Do you think the sky will ever look EXACTLY like this again? I doubt it. There is so much beauty in nature. It truly amazes me...I revel in it. I took it for granted for way too long.

Love to all!

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