Monday, December 1, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sewing with a friend most of the day while Ky plays with his friends. Finish moving Kyle into his new room.
Outside my window... a clear blue sky, crisp, cool weather. My windmill is twirling :)
I am thinking...that I need my coffee, that I have a lot to do to finish moving Ky into the other room, that today is going to be great fun b/c my dear friend is coming to hang out, that I need to do the dishes and that I pray to God that Ronnie's job is secure.
I am thankful for... my brother in law, Jimmy's life. He very possibly would have been dead had he not stopped to sleep on his way home.
From the learning rooms... back to the grind this week. As we are moving Kyle into my sewing room, we are also combining my sewing room with the school room...hoping to finish that today so we can get back on our regular schedule tomorrow.
From the kitchen... I currently smell my coffee brewing, mmmmmmm. I think I will make spagetti for dinner tonight.
I am wearing...thick bummy capris and a turtle neck
I am creating...finishing a quilt for a family member for Christmas, making a skirt and some scarves and then I'll be starting another rag-top quilt--this one will be done in fleece.
I am do some local running around this week. No big plans though.
I am reading..."Mail Order Husband".
I am hoping...that Jimmy will not fight this transition.
I am hearing...Kyle gab on and on and my coffee brewing.
Around the house...the house is now in disarray. We're in the middle of transforming three rooms...ugh. Hoping to have that all done today though. Ronnie got the workshop cleaned out over the weekend, so we are hoping to do the garage this week.
One of my favorite walking into Kyle's new room and watching him play without him knowing that I am watching him, hee hee.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Head up to the college, clean out the garage, get my swap gift mailed out.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
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