Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12 days of a quilters Christmas

I thought this was cute...it was posted by one of the ladies on my cafemom group "Quilting Moms".

12- stitches left when the bobbin ran out

11- projects going at once

10- little fingers trying to help

9-ladies in the quild

8- cups of coffee/tea that we have had today

7- papers to be pieced

6- dishes in the sink- i will wash them later

5- hoops to be finished

4-times the phone has rung and interupted me

3- kids sleeping so we can sew

2- dogs stepping on my pedal

1- husband calling us to bed


5Gustos said...

I just saw your post on the GTH group. I don't think we've met. I've been quilting since April and love it. Do you have other posts about quilting on here? I was looking for the blog post subject tabs (ie: quilting, homeschooling, vacation, recipes, etc.) but don't see any. I'll have to spend time searching your archive list later when I have more time.

Loretta said...

Hi, Lisa,
Congratulations on the bag! I'm so glad the tutorial was easy to follow. :) Send me a picture of your work, I'd love to see your results.