Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project Linus, Family and QUILTING!! Wonderful!!!

Last Saturday was Project Linus day at Joann's! We had a great time and I got to meet several women who do Project Linus blankets/quilts at home to bring in to us once per month!
After our time at Joann's we went and had a FABULOUS lunch at Atlantis. Here is a pic of the beautiful fountain there!
Speaking of Project Linus...I felt SO honored! Fran and Lucinda made me a WONDERFUL afghan! It's huge too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
This is it on my king size bed!
Here's a closeup of the yarn used. It's homespun!!

Sunday after service, we had a soup and salad buffet at church. It was wonderful! Bright colors to dash away the dreary winter!
Afterwards we went to Eddie and Nancy's and spent the evening with was a GREAT Sunday!

Here is Hayleigh and Kyle playing....

Cody wasn't feeling so good and this is how he zonked out ;)

OK....quilting eye candy!!
Paper-pieced hearts I've been making. These were the Cafe Mom Quilting Mom's January challenge.

Here are my snowman blocks!! These are all applique!

Here is the absolute, very very first quilt I ever sewed on! This was a charity quilt for a missions trip to Peru. The trip ended up being cancelled and this quilt has well wishes and bible verses written all over it from the people of my old church in Florida. My pastor here is going to be taking a trip to Russia and will be taking this quilt with him...after our congregation adds their well wishes, of course! =)

I am getting really excited! I begin teaching my quilting classes THIS Friday! Yay! The # of people signed up has far exceeded my expectation! And I just completed my very first newsletter: "In Stitches" .

I am THRILLED at the amount of interest in learning the art of quilting! This is so much fun and it is so great to get together with other women!

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