Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blocks, blocks and more blocks!

I received a ton of squishies in the mail today!! :)
Here are the cat blocks I received from my Fat 8 partners!

And here are two blocks I made today to send out to F8 partners:

Also, I FINALLY opened my Clover iron! I LOVE IT! That little thing gets SO hot, it is really amazing!
It's great for little seams! And I'm finding out that in quilting you really aren't supposed to use steam! You should use a hot, DRY iron and keep a spritzer bottle of water nearby in case you need that.

I had my first quilting class last night and it was WONDERFUL!!! I was able to get a very good idea of skill level and personal desires/goals for quilting. We have a day set to go shopping for the fabric for our first project and have discussed future projects!
Tomorrow is my Superbowl Sew-in. I'm hosting a two-fold event. UFO buster & Mystery Quilt wall hanging. It's gonna be GREAT!

On a familial note...This is SO cute! Kyle has been writing more and more of his own accord. He wrote a story the other day, for fun! And he actually finished a three-point expository paragraph Friday in about twenty minutes! I was pleasantly SHOCKED! (This normally takes him hours, with all the hum-hawing he does about it!)
Out of nowhere this morning, he decided to write a letter to his friends Stephen and Alyssa. He even addressed the entire envelope! I thought it was just TOO adorable not to take a picture of it!***OK, so I added the pic and then immediately thought "duh" to myself and deleted it, since it CLEARLY has both of our addresses, Lis. (lol).

Here's a REALLY goofy pic of the three of us! I love my Ronnie and my Kyle!
My little schnookie!! He's the best kid a mom could ask for!


Lisa said...

WOW!! Your blocks make my mouth water! I think it is amazing that you joined that Fat 8 Swap! That is what 35, 38, 40 blocks!!
It makes me jealous to see all of the blocks you are getting in the mail, but not jealous to see all of the work you have to do!! hee hee!!

Anonymous said...

Those blocks are cool.
So Im going to make a small Quilt for me while Wes in gone. I will keep me busy so I don't think so much.
Its going to be with valentines blocks. Thanks so much for showing me how to make blocks and sew.
I might still have to have help when I get the rest of the fabric. I might use some of the block patterns you have on here. Keep bloging there always fun to read.

April said...

i just love your blocks and am so happy you joined us!
I will be mailing yours home tomorrow.