Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wonderful mail.......

I got WONDERFUL mail today!! Fabric and romance novels...2 of my FAVORITE things!
I received 2 more Fat 8's in the mail today and another Valentine's Day FQ...and...the first round being sent to me of the Cafe Mom winter round robin! I also received 2 books from!! YAY!

Here are the pics of the Fat 8's...

Here is the FQ I received for Valentine's Day:

Here are the two blocks I received for the winter round robin:

And here is something VERY exciting!!!!! I did my very first ever paper-pieced quilt block!!!!!!! I started it yesterday and posted some "in process" pics last night...but here is the final block! It is for a "one block per month" swap I am doing. This person's quilt theme is "patriotic".

Isn't it BEAUTIMUS!!!!! :)

Here's my favorite mug on my favorite coaster...

Here is a pic I took today of my ADORABLE Jacob...I just can't resist taking pics of him (notice he gravitates towards the fleece...ALWAYS.......)

And here is a FABULOUS tip for your sewing room!!!
This is a of thos vinyl ones with the flannel backing....I found out Thursday night that when you buy a flannel board/design board (whatever they are called) to hang on your wall and put your work on...all it really is is flannel on one side and vinyl on the other.....I swiped my hand across these blocks ... AND SURE ENOUGH they clung!! Unbelievable!!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day too! I have church in the morning and then I'm meeting Nancy at the quilt shop...It's the 10th so they have fat quarters on sale...10 for $10!!! Even some Moda!!!!!
OK...I have got to get off this computer and watch Julie & Julia...I've had it from Red Box for 3 or 4 days now!!! Goodnight!


Tiffany said...

Very cool flannelboard! Your blog always makes me want to drop everything and quilt! One day I will actually do that...

Anonymous said...

I went to the workman that same day!
Can't wait to see you on Saturday.
It seem like its been for ever.