Saturday, January 9, 2010

Works in progress & fabric eye candy!

Last night was my VERY FIRST Project Linus night!! It was GREAT!! Here are the ladies, working away...(see my purdy lil machine sitting there!!) =)

Here is a pic of one area...look at all that!!!!! WOW....

Here is some of the work all bagged up and ready to go! Each of these large bags has ten blankets/quilts inside. All labeled by the size of the blanket!

Here is a fleece quilt kit I'll be making for Project Linus:

And here's another, in a little more vibrant colors. I am using both of these as leaders and enders.

This is a book that Fran has on her bookshelf! She's letting me borrow it!!

And here is the quilt that I made last night!! It's my first ever Project Linus finished product! You can't see it in these pics (b/c I took them with my cell phone) but I did a lot of quilting on was really fun. I did the sailboat and the sails, the star on the boat, and multiple other borders too.

Here is some cute fabric I got off the red-tag area at Joann's...all their red-tag was half off! I got the stripes for binding and book covers and the cat fabric...well just to have the cat fabric! lol.

This is the fabric I bought for the snowman block swap:

And this is my all time FAVORITE winter fabric!! Don't you just LOVE it!?!

Here is a fantabulous Christmas panel that I found for a DOLLAR!!!

And the correlating fabric! Also for a DOLLAR (per yard). I got 2 yards of this stuff b/c it's not really Christmas-y colors...I can use it to go with other fabrics as well.

I found this pre-made binding on clearance at Joann's for $2 a roll!!!!!!!!!! Each roll is 12 yards and says it's for a Queen or Kind size quilt!!
I joined a Fat 8 swap...I send one fat 8 to each of 35 women and each of them send me one. The idea is that you make a 12 inch block out of the fabric they send you plus some of your own. By mid April you will have all of yours back from the 35 people you sent to and you have 36 12" blocks! Since I have NO idea what I am going to do with all my cat fabric..I decided to send that out to all 35 people! It will make a HUGE and unique quilt when I get them all back! I am SO excited about this!!
Here is the first Fat 8 that I have received to make into a block....

I also joined a Valentine's Day Fat Quarter swap on Cafe is the first one I have received:

And here is the fabric I bought to send my fat quartes out:

OK, here are the two Round Robin blocks I am sending out for the Cafe Mom, Quilting Mom's Winter RR. I chose these colors because I will be getting my final project back from the 4 rounds in April, so spring-timey colors

Here is my very first time ever paper piecing!!!

This is the book I bought yesterday after Julie, the wonderful shop owner of "The Uncommon Thread" in Fallon, showed me how to do paper piecing! She is so awesome...she will always take the time to physically show me when I am not understanding something! I haven't been brave enough to try anything out of this book yet..but soon. The above block is from Quilter's Cache.

I also bought some fabric from Julie....I had bought this panel during the shop hop in one had any correlating fabric....well...

Julie had the panel in her shop yesterday and this correlating fabric! Isn't it cute!!

This is the panel my WONDERFUL husband chose for me!! Can you believe it, ladies??!!?? He not only went into a quilt shop alone, but brought me home a bundle!!! It's called "Love Is"...if you click on the picture it will enlarge and you can see it!

Here are the correlating fabric that came in the bundle he brought me home....1million + hubby points!

Here is Jacob, playing with fabric :P

This is the devotional I am doing daily. Ronnie had gotten me this a couple years back but I never did it all the way through...this is the year I will!

And my snookiepies...

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Lisa said...

Wow!! Looks like you are BUSY!! Keep up the good work! I love you and I miss sewing with you :(