Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow, what a week

We have had an amazing last week or so. I'm sure all of you know by now that we are relocating to Nevada. We are so thrilled about this move and feel strongly that we are being called to go. God's abilities are so vast and amazing, yet it's so easy to take them for granted or doubt. He has completely worked everything out for this transition.
Our new home is in Fernley, NV. It is a BEAUTIFUL custom home on ten acres. Kyle's cub scouts will meet just down the road and Ronnie has already been invited to join a local RC Airplane club!!
Ronnie is enrolled in college full time starting Januray 19th. He is also waiting to hear back re: a helicopter mechanic job. Our new landlords are amazing people and everything is falling into place.
We are going to miss so many people here in Florida. It seems like we haven't had enough time to spend with everyone. Because we feel this move is so much bigger than us, it makes it a little easier to go. We would love to get together with ALL of our family & friends before we head out!
We leave here on Friday the 13th. (I know...but I don't care-I am not superstitious). Ronnie is pitching a humongous fit b/c we will be on the road for the Daytona 500...OUCH, I'm not too thrilled about missing it either! It's the biggest sporting event of the year for our family!!
One good thing though is that the owner of Ronnie's company was only keeping his branch open for Ronnie. So...he said they may go ahead and close it since he is leaving. If they do this, it will be by January which case they will pay him out through his 30 day notice, which will be Feb 12th. SO....if that happens we will hit the road a few days early and then be in NV before the 500 comes on. Wish us luck on that!
side note: (In case anyone is interested....we will be selling our pontoon boat and we are also having a HUGE moving/yard sale Saturday. Oh, and we're selling a Jeep Wrangler for our current landlords).

Love to all!!
PS: Here are a couple pics of our new home!!

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