Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting prepared

We have had a crazy last week or so...and there is no end in sight as we prepare to leave for the next chapter of our lives.
We are trying to see everyone before we go and pack to go at the same time, plus do our normal daily activities. Ronnie is now a fulltime student, plus he's working fulltime still. Then there's Kyle's schooling...oh, and being a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, etc. etc. I just pray for God's strength through this transition so that I don't go crazy and feel like I need the arms of an octopus. :) I have also had a really hard time lately sleeping. I think I just have too much running through my mind.
I am super thrilled about moving although I will miss a lot of people here in Florida. Truthfully, I cannot wait to be in Nevada though. And after moving twice in the last year and a half (UGGGH)...I am so ready to just be somewhere for a long time!! And I have already found a local homeschool group near our new home, so I have been getting aquainted with some of the ladies in that group.
Speaking of school...Kyle had two tests on Friday...he got an A on his Math test...I haven't graded his English test yet, but from briefly looking it over, it looks like he only missed one or two.

I finished all the blocks for my orginal first quilt (the one I had to put on hold so I could do Christmas presents). So I will be sewing that into rows before we leave. I have only one block that I am still waiting on from our Valentine's day block swap...then I can sew that top's going to be SO pretty!!! I got a white on white paisley design for the sashing and border!

So that is a little of what's been going on aound the Scarberry for now!

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