Monday, February 18, 2013

Farmer's Market Shop Hop (part one) and sewing!

The Farmer's Market Shop Hop started on Thursday and is going through this whole week!

Lisa and I made it to four of the seven shops on Friday!

Our first stop! In Orlando
Lisa's niece, Abby went with us :)

I love the simplicity of the quilt on the wall-the top left one.

Frames galore!!

Abby was SO funny with this fuzzy fabric!

She said that she wanted to take it home! LOL. Too cute!

they had lots of half priced kits!

Shop number two!

LOVE this mini quilt

I really enjoyed this shop! I found several things that I had to have here!

Ahem...My niece Aria's first bday is going to be owl themed.....hmm hmm...I may or may not have HAD to buy this pattern!

Abby was so cute reading these books...look at her lil face!

LOVE this!

this fabric with fat cats totally made me think of my Patches and Pippi.

Abby was getting grumpy and tired, lol.

Shop # 3
I did not care for this one at all. And I was seriously unimpressed with what they had to offer
I did see this in the bathroom tho...cute! :)

THIS store was AMAZINGGG! HUGE selection. Super friendly staff!

Lisa had to drive after we got to the first shop b/c I was "making her sick with my braking and punching the gas"...geesh (lol)

That night, after dinner, I went to Lisa's to sew!! Yayy!

I finished my first Christmas present for 2013 (nevermind that it was intended to be given in 2012, lol)
And....I made binding for my "jelly roll race" quilt!

I came home and poured out my are some of the pics...
I found another McKenna Ryan for my Sea Breeze quilt...this is only the third one i have found. Also in this pic is a tool for "skinning the quilt". Neither Lisa nor I had ever heard this term but it's for when you need to undo the quilting from the back of a quilt for one reason or another.

Here is an assortment...Some cat wintery fabric, a panel to make some bibs for Macy and Aria, a panel of cheater fabric and a yard of some tan and blue flower fabric that I found on clearance!

I also bought this quilt!!!! I got a steal of a deal on it and happens to be a pattern that I was thinking of making in one of the magazines this year. I LOVE it!

My cute kitties love it too!

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Dee said...

Looks like you had fun on the shop hop, but your little one was wiped out! I enjoy reading your blog, so I've nominated you for a Liebster Award.