Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kyle's First Hunting Trip~February, 2013

So in February, Kyle and Ronnie had an opportunity to go on a Youth Hunt up in North Florida. Each youth was set up with a designated tree stand in front of a feeder. The event was put on by the National Turkey Federation (or something like that) and they had seen deer around the feeders that they assigned to the youth. Unfortunately for the hunters, a hard cold snap came through that Friday and the deer were not moving, so no one saw ANYTHING. (lol, figures, right?) Nevertheless, they all learned some priceless lessons on hunter safety, etc. Kyle had taken his hunter safety course prior to this trip but they did everything in a hands-on manner and went way above and beyond the typical lessons. Ronnie said that he wished there had been something like this for him when he was younger. He said it was amazing.
Since I was not there, I had to rely on Ronnie to take pictures for me :) Being a 3 day event, I was expecting anywhere from 100-150 pics...he brought me back 38, LOL.
This is the view out of the first stand Kyle and Ronnie were in.

Kyle, diligently awaiting the arrival of a deer :)

They saw some turkeys but were not authorized to shoot them. They could only shoot deer or hog.

The group then did some skeet shooting. They shot like 4 different types of shotguns.
Kyle's fav was the 12 gauge (he is CRAZY...I would NOT shoot one!)

 Then they were taught how to use a self-climber tree stand. And got to practice it!
Look at that grin!
 Back out they go....this is a different stand...
Apparently the view from within the stand was important to the photographer, LOL.
And he's out again, LOL.
THIS was the extent of the amenities!! A box. EEWWW

One of the guys was eating clams and Kyle wanted to try one...BWAHAHAHA!
I am CRACKING UP posting this! lol.
I don't think he likes it, lol.
 So even though they did not get any deer, they had a great time! Kyle is now a member of the Future Hunters of Florida and has his card for Florida Hunter Safety. He got a 243 rifle and has "THE BUG" now. He keeps asking when they are going hunting or shooting again, lol. SO CUTE.
*On a side note....he came home and was telling me how all those boys there talked. He kept telling me that they use "double negatives" and the wrong "subject-verb agreement"! (Yay, Shirley English!) It was HILARIOUS to hear him mimic their redneckisms...LOL.

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