Sunday, April 28, 2013

Downtown Disney!~January, 2013

Back in January, after visiting lil miss Macy Jeanne, Kyle and I went to Downtown Disney. He had never been, so I thought it would be a fun half-day outing and a great place to eat lunch.
The Lego Store!

It was January 2nd, so there was still Christmas decorations up!
 We chose the Rainforest Cafe to have lunch at!

I got a steak and Kyle had shrimp :)
dessert time!

I thought these were cute :o)
 Then we headed back to the Lego shop so Kyle could build a car and race it!
apparently, Hulk punched Kyle! 
So Ky cut his arm off :) lol

dino dig
 We had a great time! Downtown Disney is a fun and exciting place...and somewhere that you can have a lot of fun without really spending money! (Although it is hard to go and not want to spend, hee hee).

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