Friday, June 11, 2010

WIP!! (Works in Progress)

I am preparing to make several blue jean children's aprons!
I have completed to first phase....cutting!

Lisa & I are attending a Women's Expo at the Ocala Ballroom where we will have a vendor booth set up selling some items. These aprons will be there. Here is a sample of a finished one:

Here are the blocks I have received so far from my most recent F8 swap. I have yet to decide exactly how I am going to combine these.....sashing is a must, to be sure....don't you think?

Butterfly blocks:

Chicken blocks:

I also still need to find the "perfect" fabric to use as sashing on my cat blocks quilt form the last F8 swap. Here are the pics of the blocks:

So............lots of things in progress!

Here are some blocks I cut from a panel. It is called "Cat's Meow" from South Seas.
I am currently trying to locate the correlating fabric locally, so I don't have to pay shipping. I think these colors are just so fun!

That's just a few, there are 10 different blocks :)

Here is my bestie "in the process" of a quilty project! Hee Hee, she thought I was taking a pic of the quilt on the floor, lol. This is a flannel rag-top quilt!

Here are my leaders & enders.......a constant "in process":

And these...are waiting to be sewn :)

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