Friday, June 18, 2010

WARNING: This is a rant post. Do not read it if you don't want to hear me rant & rave

I am normally completely oblivious to the news and I greatly prefer it that way. I don;t watch TV and I NEVER watch the news. I only get the newspaper on Sundays for coupons!....but I did know about the oil spill, just not the full extent of it. Ronnie made me watch videos and view pics and read articles on it tonight and I am FLOORED. I cannot believe it and I feel like there is going to be utter devastation. Only God is big enough to clean this mess up. I pray that He will step in b/c if don't even know. Did you know that the oil spill in Alaska that destroyed their coastline was 11 million gallons? TOTAL. Period, done. This thing is already at 70+ million gallons. See...this is why I avoid the news. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! Call it ignorant, I'm ok with that...ignorance is bliss. My world is all happy and "warm fuzzy bunnies" ...I like my lil' bubble. But now I am all concerned over this disaster. I get so mad thinking about it. B/c it all boils down to money. The whole thing goes back to a corrupt govt and greedy politicians.URG>>>>I am going to shut up now....but, I must add...props to Obama for saying he wants to know whose a%$ to kick when this things doesn't work! NOW DO SOMETHING PEOPLE!!! Whoever the "people" are that know how/can do something! (END RANT)

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