Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, I am pretty darn tired. We have been moving things into our new home these past two days. I love this new little house! It's pretty funny because I can reach any room to vacuum with the vacuum plugged into the outlet in the dining room! (And I use the term dining room loosely, as it is really like a little extension of the kitchen). I was concerned that the more I was in it the more it would feel cramped...but the opposite is true. The more I'm in it the more I'm loving it...It's charming...I think we just may stay there forever...well....until we build on the property anyways...which may turn out to be pretty close to forever ;)
I am having to get rid of A LOT of stuff...there's just no space for excess. It's kind of nice though because I hate clutter and in a small home there can be absolutely zero clutter or my OCD will take off on a rampage.
Ronnie put Mater in the driveway at the new home. IT IS OBNOXIOUS! Thankfully after seeing him there (and some wifely nagging from me he has decided to store him at a friend's house. THANK YOU LORD.
P.S. For those of you who do not know....THIS is Mater....and actually, in this picture you really cannot even tell how huge he is. I will try to get one for you of him at the new house. He sticks out into the sidewalk, is as tall as the roof and takes of 3/4 of the driveway's width.

On another note....Kyle, Hayleigh and Cody have been playing together amazingly well the past few days. I think they are really realizing that 24/7 together is about to end. Eddie and Nancy moved up their move in date--they are moving in to their new home TOMORROW!
I'm excited for them though. Eddie got Nancy a bunch of new furniture and that's always fun. Their kids are siked to be back in base housing, near Daddy and able to do their walks with the dogs, etc. Things that were normal before moving out here to Fernley.

Here's a SAD note...Unfortunately my sewing machine had to go to the new house yesterday--which means that I can't sew until at the very least Tuesday--and probably not then either. UGH.
Although you never know b/c I am going over to start unpacking and getting things in their place today! So...I just may have it all done by Tuesday. Do you ever feel like when you were younger you could just take on the world? I remember not too too long ago that a task as "little" as unpacking a household and putting things in their place would have been a challenge I would have gladly taken on, enjoyed and finished in a handful of hours. It would have been a matter of principle. I would not have stopped until I was done. Now though this task seems so daunting and I'm doubting I'll get it done between now and Tuesday! Seriously....what the heck?

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