Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our tree and other misc. =)

We bought a tree at Lowe's last Friday and by Monday it was a Charlie Brown tree =(
That night NO ONE in Fernley had any trees left! But luckily the next day we found one!!! It's beautiful too!

We are SO loving our new home. I'm really making progress on getting unpacked. I am HATING not being able to sew though. UGH! The third room has all my sewing stuff in it. The problem is that it isn;t a dedicated sewing room (how dare it not be, lol). We have two book cases in there, all the books we own (including all our homeschool curriculum and supplies). It's a tiny room and fabric is taking up every spare inch! The rel jist of the problem is that right now it is the catch's the "hmm not sure where I'll put that at" room. So........I have got to get in there and organize. Bit I'm not letting myself until I get the rest of the house done. Otherwise I know I won;t ever get the rest of the house done! lol. I am in a slump today though..I don;t feel like unpacking ANYTHING. I need to though! It's 4:00 and I have not unpacked a single box.
On a more productive note...Ronnie and I were able to move enough of the ice to get his truck out of the road. We got it into the driveway!
One of our new neighbors came over to introduce themselves today. They are an older couple and seem very nice. The best thing is that their son in law restores cars, so they don't mind Ronnie's projects! And...they are Nascar fans! YAY!

Merry Christmas!

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Joy said...

Hi Lisa .. love your tree!!!
I tried to reply to the comment you made on my blog ... but you're "No Reply" so I couldn't.
Please have a terrific Christmas,
Joy :o)