Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost moving date!

Well, we're getting close. Tuesday we start moving items into our new home and next Tuesday is our first day living there. I really hate moving....have I mentioned that lately???? lol.

On a more positive note...there's snow on the mountains nearby and it is just gorgeous out during the day. I LOVE having seasons!!

I've completed several Christmas presents!!!! =) The mailing will have to wait until after we move, but that'll be OK. We are planning on decorating for Christmas right away once we get moved in. This will be the latest into December we've ever waited to decorate for Christmas!!

Tomorrow is the women's fellowship and book exchange at church. I'm really excited about this. We all bring a holiday dish, a Christian book we've read and love, and a new book mark. I made my bookmark to bring!!! It's so scrappy and I just love it...hopefully the mystery recipient will love it too!
Here's a pic:

Here is my 9 patch quilt along...I decided to make this into a table cloth! I am going to add the white border to each side as well but here's my progress so far:

Here is my weedwhacker quilt top--Remember this??? finally finished!!! Well the top is anyways =) All I need to do is baste, bind and quilt! Yay!!

I made this completely from my stash!!! I love how scrappy it is.

Also...I FINALLY finished MY quilt! This is the very first quilt I ever started working on and it's taken me 13 months to finish it! I've kept you all pretty updated as to its progress...I finished the top a while back but now I am REALLY done! It is washed and on my bed! This is actually the very first time I have ever slept under a quilt I made!!!!!! I LOVE the feeling!

I completed my 12 week quilt-along also! I did a lot of quilting on this one and I really enjoyed that!

I also finished my fleece rag-top quilt...I can't remember if I've posted this on here before or it is!

Have a great week!!

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Lisa said...

WOW!! Your moving and still quilting... I love it!! It seems to me that I get more accomplished under preasure!! I Love the books marks!! What are the measurements? Also, The weed wacker and the quilt a long both look REALLY GOOD! You ROCK!!